Victoria’s Airbrushing Stories Cont’….

Not So Funny Blonde Joke

Another ranch story. Again, middle of nowhere in Austin, Texas.

It was for a Mercedes-Benz commercial. So here’s the deal. The ad called for a blonde family. Father, mother, daughter, son.

So the mother shows up… and the night before, she spontaneously decided to color her hair a S.H.O.C.K.I.N.G. red. The kind that hurts your eyes. She was not the smartest actress around, or maybe she forgot to read her script. Who knows?

The German director says to me, “You fix it. I don’t care how.”

Remember…. we’re on a ranch in the middle of nowhere. We couldn’t recast the actress. There was no color dye anywhere. And even if there was, what was I going to do? Re-dye her hair in fifteen minutes?

Think on your feet, Victoria.

Got out the trusty airbrush. Loaded it up with blonde colors… and by just airbrushing strands of hair, I eventually made her a strawberry blonde.

It was done quickly and everyone was happy. Actress got to do her job and got paid. Director got to shoot his commercial and got paid. I came out looking like a hero.


Victoria Callaway owns and runs a Makeup Artist Agency out in Houston TX. To get in contact with her, please call (713) 816-5535.

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