The Wedding Planning Audiocast: Interview With Dina on Bridal Airbrush Makeup

Most makeup artists recommend airbrush makeup for brides instead of traditional wedding makeup that comes in powders and liquids. Bridal airbrush makeup dries on contact, and lasts for up to 18 hours, so brides can forget about touchups or their makeup rubbing off on their dresses and can relax and enjoy the day. Bridal airbrush makeup also makes brides look camera-ready by giving them a flawless, natural-looking finish.

Dina Ousley, originator of airbrush makeup and founder of the widely-successful Dinair airbrush makeup company, was interviewed by Ralph Mucci of the popular wedding planning show for her thoughts on bridal airbrush makeup. Dina gave a lot of valuable advice and tips for both wedding makeup and airbrush tanning in the podcast. Her biggest piece of advice was to conduct test runs well in advance of your actual wedding day so you don’t run into any last minute problems.

For Dina, planning ahead takes many forms. It includes trying out different bridal airbrush makeup shades and looks to find the one you like best. She highly recommends taking photos after each trial run so you remember how you looked. Planning ahead also includes practicing with airbrush tanning products like Dinair Airtan™ if you intend to apply airbrush tanning makeup yourself. Familiarizing yourself with the airbrush will help you apply the tan evenly and build it up gradually to the level you want. Dina also said to wear loose-fitting clothes if you make an appointment with an airbrush tanning professional.

Having a bridal beautification plan also includes reserving enough time between facials and waxing appointments and your wedding day so any so any mishaps can heal. Luckily, Dinair bridal airbrush makeup can cover up any burns you get from poorly-done wax jobs or bad reactions to facials if need be. Dinair bridal airbrush makeup also works wonders at covering up tattoos, since most brides don’t want their tattoos visible during their weddings. In addition, airbrush makeup hides acne very well and can even out bathing suit tan marks. Dinair paramedical airbrush makeup is waterproof and their glamour shades are water-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about the airbrush makeup rubbing off onto your dress.

Dina also mentioned that men can benefit from airbrush makeup as well. It can dramatically improve the appearance of male-pattern baldness. A light misting over the groom’s face can also take away any shine that might show up in pictures. Because airbrushing is so much quicker than traditional makeup and dries on contact, you don’t have to waste time waiting for it to dry. Therefore, bridesmaids and family members can get airbrushed easily.

With over 25 years as a makeup artist, Dina has applied wedding makeup to countless brides. She strongly recommends bridal airbrush makeup as it gives the look all brides want; that of a young, glowing, beautiful and radiant bride.


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