Samm’s Acne Story

Suffering from embarrassing skin conditions is a never-ending battle that Samm has known all too well. Like many people who suffer from Cystic acne (Cystic acne isn’t just an occasional hormonal pimple — it is a series of welts that are deeply set in the skin), Samm became a slave to trying endless treatments and products that never worked. While most makeup products have allowed young women and men like Samm to conceal these skin conditions, it has also ultimately made the problem worse.

How often do your makeup brushes go through a thorough cleaning? If you’re like most of us, probably not too often! Imagine all the germs and bacteria that end up on your face from those brushes… gross, right??

Before trying Dinair, Samm felt so self conscience about her Cystic acne, she never worked up the nerve to date or even allow herself to be seen without makeup. We followed Samm throughout her journey with using Dinair and with each passing week, we could see the change in her confidence and energy level. Suffering from acne can be an emotional and frustrating journey. Watch the videos below as Samm shares her journey with us…

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