Review by Ashley Leggat – Dinair Airbrush Makeup

Searching Youtube and the beauty blogosphere for celebrity secrets to try at home? This next Dinair Airbrush Makeup review is definitely for you! Professional actress and Dinair devotee Ashley Leggat shares her story.

How Ashley Found Dinair
Ashley found out about Dinair while on filming on set where the makeup artists were using Dinair products. For years Ashley tried to find sweatproof makeup that looks good for her film and TV auditions, but never had any luck until she found Dinair Airbrush Makeup.

Ashley’s Flawless Finish
At first Ashley couldn’t believe how amazing her skin looked… 2 minutes to apply and she was ready to go, she was getting compliments and feeling secure. Ashley said, “I felt like all the imperfections I had were now gone. It’s been a blessing to have.”

Ashley’s Top Dinair Raves
No cakey feel.
I love how Dinair feels on my skin.
Feels like I have no makeup on whatsover.
Looks like I don’t have any makeup on, yet my skin is flawless.

Easy Clean Up
Like Ashley says, cleanup is no problem at all. Just use cleanser like any other makeup, yet Dinair comes off easier because you don’t have to scrub any makeup out of your pores. Dinair’s makeup doesn’t sit in the pores, it just comes right off

How To Get The Look
After seeing her face transform on set, Ashley now has her own Dinair kit at home, and she says, “I recommend Dinair to everyone I know, they think i’ve come from set, but no, I did it myself with my Dinair kit!”

Next time you think about scouring cosmetics reviews and tutorials, be sure to start with the celebrity secret for flawless skin… Dinair Airbrush Makeup!

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