How To Get the Perfect Eyebrows

Keep your eyebrows in tip top shape! Pick up your airbrush and eyebrow stencil and follow along as Michele shows us how to get the perfect brows in only a couple minutes










Helpful Eyebrow Tips:

1. Chose the eyebrow shape/shapes that best fit your natural brow shape. You can use more than one stencil edge to create your perfect shape.

2. Add 2-3 drops of eyebrow color into the cup of your airbrush. Select the eyebrow color that best matches your natural shade. You can mix colors together to achieve the perfect color.

3. Start by lying the stencil edge against your skin for a hard edge or create a finger’s distance for a soft edge.

4. Distance your airbrush about 2 inches away from the stencil. Spray the stencil and allow the color to fall into the openings.

5. Light pull back on the lever (to prevent over-spray) while moving the stencil around the brow to fill in sparse areas. Use the stencil edges.
How do you get the perfect brows? Share your tips with us!

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