New Year’s Eve How-To

We’ve had a wonderful year sharing all our airbrush adventures with all you and we look forward to sharing many, many, more!! Grab your airbrush and follow the easy step-by-step instructions below!

Ring in the New Year with this stunning look!

Step 1:  Apply LT SMOKE as a base, all over eyelid, into the crease, and along the lower lash line.

Step 2: Mix 2 drops of SAGE GREEN with 1 drop SPARKLING TURQUOISE. Apply this mixture all over the eye lid and outer corner of the under eye

Step 3: Eyeliner – Freehand or use Eyeshadow Guide to line the top and bottom lines with Jet Black

Step 4: Highlight under the brow bone and tear duct with PINK BLOSSOM

Step 5: Use any PINK BLOSSOM left in the airbursh cup to highlight the high point of your cheekbone

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