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Valentine’s Day is only 3 days away! Tell us your perfect blush and lip color combination that you will be using to celebrate this Valentine’s Day. Creativity counts! Contest ends at 3pm Pacific Standard time. Our Dinair makeup artists will choose FOUR lucky winners. We look forward to hearing your responses. GOOD LUCK! Have a fabulous, flawless, Friday! xo











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86 responses to “Monthly Giveaway!”

  1. kristina s. says:

    I use warm peachy/gold tones with a classic red lip.

  2. Valerie says:

    Blush: Peach Pink
    Lips: Ruby Red

  3. Jennifer S. says:

    I love Bronze Rose on cheeks and Cinnabar for lips. The cinnabar reminds me of the little cinnamon red hots candies! Love this color combination together.

  4. Denisse Villezcas says:

    a pink-coral blush with a nude lips =)

  5. Lena Stobbe says:

    Hi , this valntines day i am gonna go for the typical 50s look! black eyeliner , pink/peachy blusher and bright red lips πŸ˜€ my favourite look! simple bold and beautifull πŸ˜€ i cant live without my red lipstick πŸ˜€

  6. best combination ever is sassy pink and dark peach pink mixed with a highlighter of rose gold !!! I look warm and glowy

  7. tiffany felidi says:

    I will use “the red” by sephora, liner and lipstick, and top it with a gold based gloss in the middle of my lips for a pop of shine on my pout, I will dust the apples of my cheeks with MAC’s Fluer power, for a just pinched look, and of course we cant forget my go-to highlighter Benefit’s High-Beam above my cheekbone for a sultry dewy finish! Nothing says valentines day and “kiss me darling” like a red mouth!

  8. Emma Yeung says:

    Pink and Pink! <3 xx Happy Valentines Day! <3 xx

  9. faythe mesic says:

    We love dinar at the Glam team studio. We are using alot of mauve with a touch of barely pink shimmer as a highlighter on the cheeks and one drop mauve/one drop cloudy pink for the PERFECT PUCKER!!! top with a clear gloss….stays put for all the kisses that night!!!

    Faythe-Owner of Glam Team

  10. Chalyn Coleman says:

    I want my fiance to see me looking my absolute best. I think i’ll take him back in time to when we first met many years ago. I want to remind him of that fresh faced girl who serendipitously came into his life. I will wear Mauve on my cheeks , which on my complexion makes my cheek bones pop! I will also wear Mauve on my lips but with an overlay of a Light Coral to make my lips look as kissably tempting as they did on our first date. Cupid can take the night off because I got this!

  11. Alyssa Clark says:

    Soft pink blush with a bolder pink lip… So pretty:)

  12. Montana Pippen says:

    My favorite combination right now and the one I will be using this Valentines day and for my Wedding the following week is Cinnabar for lips! A beautiful Red color!!! For cheeks, Rose Gold!! Its the Perfect highlight!!! Not too much but gives you that slight Glow =) Sometimes I mix one of the darker Bronzy colors and the shimmer rose gold for nightime! Its PERFECT!!!

  13. Peach blush and coral lips! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  14. Heather Hagstrom says:

    Soft pink blush & nude gloss!

  15. Karen Lee says:

    Peachy nude cheeks and lips for me. I like Tarte amazonian clay blush in Peaceful paired with Revlon Soft Nude lipstick topped with Revlon Superlustrous gloss in foiled. It’s soft and kissable without being pink.

  16. Marlana Bowers says:

    I recently had a beautiful daughter and started having pains and cancer symptoms. Keep in mind im only 18 so i am a teen mother and struggling enough as it is! well i found that I have celiac sprue disease and osteoporosis and i have a lump in my left breast wich i mistakenly thought was a milk gland due to my breast feeding. This Valentines day I want to feel beautiful and happy again..I cant pay for an airbrush makeup kit because I cant even afford my medical bills. My dream was to become a makeup artist but now im just focused on spending all my time because it is so precious with my boyfriend and my five month daughter=] I am would like to blend Soft Pink and Light coral to highlight my cheekbones and put a bronze Rose and Diva pink on my lips! I really would love to feel beautiful again and have something to make me feel young again. Thank you

  17. Supriya says:

    I absolutely love wearing a barbie pink color on my cheeks with a totally nude lip. I love the sexy bombshell look and this combination reminds me of that! My husband loves the bold eyes with light lip color, so this is what I’ll be going with!! πŸ™‚

  18. i always use peach beige as my blush. and cloudy pink mixed with moist and dewey as lips. πŸ™‚ <3

  19. I would pair Diva Pink blush with a mix of Deep Purple & Ruby Red Shimmer on the outer portion of my lips & Barely Pink in the center for a fun, playful look. My boyfriend loves my creative style & he would adore a combination like this with a basic smokey eye.

  20. Gwendolyn Uhle says:

    I love a hot pink lip stick with a lil bit of plumping gloss and orgasm blush by nars:)

  21. Leslie Peters says:

    Valentine’s Day bites, so far as I’m concerned, so I’m going to go all Vampyra — the palest of moon-pale skin, heavily contoured for that delightful skull-like effect. Burgundy blush and blood-red lips shaded in black, with maybe just a hint of red glitter to match my contacts.

  22. Sahara Rao says:

    I am going with the perfect pink for this Valentines! I Laura Mercier Kissed Lips with a lip shine in Tempting Coral! The prefect blush that goes with it is the LM Innocent Peach!

  23. April Dennis says:

    I will be using a coral blush (NYX HD Grinding blush in Georgia Peach) with e.l.f. Studio Pigment Eyeshadow in innocent Ivory (It’s white, with a pink irridescence) , and the Inglot cream lipstick in 178 (deep red) with NYX Girls Round Lip Gloss in Apricot (it’s an orange hued gloss). This will go with a brown smokey eye with just a hint of pink among the browns and a brown black liner to darken the eye without being too dark.

  24. Zela Evans says:

    I love mauve and pinks. As I am an older romantic I still love the feeling of being loveable to my husband of 53 soon to be 54 years. Wearing some makeup very lightly can help minimize the wrinkles of time well spent in my life.

  25. I love a purplely pinky plush like MACs Azeala Blossom and A deep red wine lip like Beauticontrols cherry blossom.

  26. I love deep red matte lips paired with a simple pink tone blush on a flawless face.

  27. Dulce Martinez says:

    For this Valentines, I want to change it up and add color and make it lively. So for my cheeks I would choose a lively bright pink with a violet undertone to my upper cheeks and would pair it with a simple pale pink topped off with some gloss making it look fun and sexy but not taking away from my cheek bones that awesome purple pink.

  28. I am going for a beautiful light pink into a bright pink eyeshadow kind of the smokey eye look for lips I want a beautiful medium pink shine (lip gloss) I am getting all dressed up for my two valentines my son during the day and my boyfriend at night!!

  29. Mary W says:

    The valentine’s day look that I am planning is a classic Audrey Hepburn look. I want to achieve a look that will be classy and romantic. I am planning on doing a matte foundation/powder with a peachy blush. For my eyes I am going to use matte beige/brown eye shadows to define my crease, and a cat eyeliner. To finish off the look, I plan on doing a coral lipliner/lipstick and then lightly bronzing my face to give it a warm glow!

  30. mayra says:

    I will try to ompress my husband i will wear a red revlon on my lips with some gloss, then a bronze on my cheeks i will definitely go to dinner with my hubby :))

  31. Linda Macdonald says:

    My cheeks will be light bronze with a touch of barely pink & I’m rocking my lips with barely pink with a hint of bronze rose & a dash of moist & dewy πŸ˜‰

  32. monica m pena says:

    well this year for valentines day i will be wearing a beautiful velvety red lip from mac called ruby woo which is my absolute favorite! and a cute pinky peach blush also from mac called pink swoon that i love to combined my lips with i love going to more classic and vintage flawless look ! i had worn my look last year and on my very first date with my now fiance and everything about that night come back every time i open up my make up case and look at that stick of lipstick ! and i now i know what my grandmother meant when she use to say you can have the brains like einstein and the body like Raquel …but still a little lipstick will get ya a long way ! and its true because with the best color combo and a perfect dress you can own the room!!!

  33. tasha says:

    smashbox girls on film blush in pose, and kat von d lipstick in celebutard.

  34. Maria says:

    For Valentine’s day I also go with my favorite blush “Luster” that defines my high cheek bones . My boyfriend believe’s on occasion he makes me blush but it’s my beautiful blush that is light and brings back the romance and youth to my face . My full lips will be dressed with matte peach lipstain because I love that it last all night long and when I smile through the night he can still admire my candy kisses . I love these two colors on valentines because their soft , romantic and fresh looking but can be sexy with dressing up the eyes more dark <3

  35. On Valentine’s Day I’m wearing my favorite red MAC lipstick called Viva Glam 1 and a MAC lipliner in Brick – it’s the perfect red combo. The blush I’m going to wear is Orgasm from Nars. πŸ™‚

  36. julie says:

    I like to look as natural as I can with make-up…but for valentine day I will rev it up!!!
    I will wear a light gray eye shadow with a hint of pink on my lower eyelids to compliment my natural golden tan complexion. My choice of rouge is plum used to counter my cheeks enough to make an illusion of me blushing when he whispers sweet nothings in my ears..I will then glide on my burgundy shade lipstick with a touch of sheer pink lip gloss that looks good enough to kiss and tell…My apologies to cupid, I did not need his help this time around…..

  37. Myra Phuy says:

    blush would be the MAC blush baby and the lipstick and a purple lipstick by covergirl flipstick in flashy

  38. Rocio says:

    I like plummy pink blushes like MAC’s Breathe of Plum and a light berry lipgloss (can also be traded por my cherry chapstick which gives me the same colour but without the stickiness)

  39. Cherry says:

    i like to use plum/burgundy blushes and berry lipstick and just a dab of clear lipgloss πŸ™‚

  40. Jessica P says:

    It’s time to make me sizzling hot
    Pale cheeks, I think not
    Laura Geller Blush in Apricot

    Bright lips, vrai or faux
    Neutral is they way it goes
    Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose

    When you look at me
    A knockout I will be
    Almost perfect you will see

    Perfection can be done
    Dinair is the one
    It’d be great if I won

  41. sandra touchet says:

    I’m more the neutral type but since V Day I’m thinking of upping it a notch πŸ™‚ I never red lipstick as it is the hardest color to get right. But I found a great red for lips, eyes still kinda neutral since my lips will be a stand out.

  42. Shreni Patel says:

    I will be using a very dark lipstick on both my cheeks and lips but it’s will be very diffused and understated! Applied with only my fingers, very blended, just for those berry tones that are just oh so romantic! It is called prince NOIR MAC because we all want a prince on valentines day πŸ˜‰

  43. Sarah Singleton says:

    I will be doing makeup for women to go out with their loved ones! Single, or on dates! I love to do a golden soft eye, with a red lip! Tones varying for different skin tones of course πŸ˜‰ I am a makeup Artist in AZ! πŸ˜€ xoxoxoxo and i LOVE what i do!

  44. Barbara wicklund says:

    Sassy pink blush, soft pink lips. Throw in a little barely pink shimmer high on the cheeks and waa-laa, looking sweet and sexy!

  45. Katrina says:

    light coral blush and cinnabar lipstick πŸ™‚

  46. Rebecca L says:

    Coral toned blush (tarte amazonian clay) and nude lips (fresh lip butter in honey) – understated, but always lovely. I’ll be putting the emphasis on my eyes instead of my lips this valentine’s (if I’m lucky my lipstick won’t last long anyways!) πŸ™‚ happy valentine’s everyone!

  47. Erika Chilton says:

    I am very fair skinned, cool tone so I will be wearing a light pink blush and a little bit brighter pink or mauve colored lipstick. I would love to win this as my bday is the day after Valentine’s Day and I have never worn airbrushed makeup before. I’m also starting to show wrinkles on my forehead so anything that can give me the appearance of still being “youthful” would be highly appreciated. πŸ™‚

  48. Katie Lenihan says:

    If I was going with Dinair I would use Cinnabar with a drop of red to really pump up the color and rosegold on the cheeks.

    Non-Dinair I would use Ruby woo from mac and then just contour a little with blunt from mac or the tanned blusher from tarts since its matte.

  49. rachel wurz says:

    MAC peachykeen for blush and MAC flamingo for lipstick.

  50. Ali says:

    my perfect blush is a pinky, peachy type color with a highlight on top. and a nude lip.

  51. Andrea says:

    I’ll be keeping my Valentine’s Day makeup simple and natural this year with my all-time favourite lipgloss/blush combo – Nymphette lipglass from MAC and NARS’ Orgasm blush (what better on V-Day? πŸ˜‰

  52. irisbianca93 says:

    I love to use for Valentine’s day a rose gold blush(similar to the one that Sleek provides) and on the lips a very sheer dark burgundy red lipstick.

  53. Carmen says:

    My Valentines Day combination for cheeks & lips along with my smokey eye will be. πŸ™‚ I am going to use Diva Pink for my lips I want to stand out and have a pretty pinky look romantic and pretty. My cheeks will be in peach beige.

  54. Kim Rowan says:

    Bronze Rose Blush and Bronze Rose mixed with Peach Pink for lips.

  55. Mai says:

    My perfect blush and lip combination is to use a peachy pink blush with red lipstick!

  56. Andi says:

    Diva pink and sassy pink

  57. Delmy Simetal says:

    coral pink cheeks, and nude color lips gloss/stick … I like to bring out my eyes more:) so I use eye shadows more than lip colors:)

  58. Stephane Dow says:

    For Valentines I am going to use Light Mauve as an all over lid base with Moss Green on the inner corner and lower lash and Pink Blossom shimmer in the tear corner and Jet Black cats eye. Then Peachy Pink cheeks, Pink Blossom highlighting the top cheek bones and Light Mauve as the contouring color. Then finish off the lips with a light outline of Light Mauve fading into Pink Blossom with just a hint of Pink Blossom over both for a highlight/shimmer plump! β™₯ Dinair!

  59. Renee Webb says:

    Sassy pink lip with a dewy finish an bronze rose cheek mixed with a drop of sassy to tie it in 😑

  60. Mai says:

    I’ll use “Soft Romance” by Zoeva and on my cheeks. A peachy color with tiny golden pigments that makes my face glow. A pearl/vanilla colored eyeshadow as a highlighter. No lipstick, because it wouldn’t last long, but lip balm with a hint of a pearly shimmer

  61. Bente Fie says:

    I am going to use MAC colour craft mineralize blush in improvise paired with Gosh velvet touch lipstick in peony. I really want to look quite naturally glowy and I am going to wear a simple vintage eye with a light eyeshadow with a slight defined crease and a winged liner.

  62. Kassie Harris says:

    I really like a combination of a warm bronzer as a contour with a blush like 100% pure Healthy blush (which is a pink with a touch of bronze and a very light shimmer) and a berry toned tinted lip balm.

  63. Ana says:

    mine is going to be rosy or peachy pink with peachy lip gloss πŸ™‚

  64. Mayra says:

    I will be doing something different I will be going with dessert rose by nyx on the cheeks and a bright pink lip using wetnwild 511B and topping it off with nyx lip gloss in french kiss. I never tried a bright lip before other then red and just loved love trying new things.

  65. Malia says:

    Hmm, I’m thinking a tarte cheek stain like Flush or maybe some Nars Orgasm blush over sheer foundation. Freshly scrubbed lips topped with some tarte liptint in Enchanted – the best for natural looking no-nonsense, kissable lips that last. I want to put all this on, look and feel sexy and gorgeous but I don’t want to worry about the lip color fading funny or getting in the way πŸ˜‰

  66. Rayna Forbes says:

    Cheeks: A nice semi shimmery peach.
    Lips: Glossy pale red with a more peachy pale red in the center (I like to mix my colors for depth).

  67. Hala says:

    Pink and Coral lipstick

  68. Kristal says:

    I like to appear NAKED. Generally I will wear a very natural peachy pink blush–along the lines of the Dinair pink peach blush. For lips, I like a nude color like MAC’s hue or Revlon’s colorburst in Blush.

  69. Kim Tran says:

    Lips: NARS Schiap (bright hot pink)
    Cheeks: MAC Peaches (peachy matte)

  70. Staci Ishibashi says:

    peachy pink for the cheeks with champagne for the highlighter and light bronze for contour and ruby red for lips

  71. Elle Astrid says:

    Mac’s pink swoon blush and Relvon sweet tart lip butter

  72. Staci Ishibashi says:

    peachy pink for the cheeks with champagne for the highlighter and light bronze for contour and ruby red for lips

    (not sure if it posted having internet connection problems)

  73. Ashley says:

    Light bronze/gold for the cheeks (I want a more “glowy” look)

    Cinnabar for the lips

  74. Sam Ong says:

    I love nude eyes and red lips!

  75. Louise Dufva says:

    Ok, I will go for a classic, matching cheeks and lips!
    Rosy cheeks – rosy lips
    Peachy cheeks – peachy lips

    But not a heavy lipstick, it can just give a sheen or tinted, just to have that touch of matching shades.

    Best regards!

  76. Sam Ong says:

    oops! i meant i love nudish/brownish blush and red lips

  77. Amy says:

    Earthy & peach

  78. Roxanna Harris says:

    Pink frosting by maybelline on cheeks and MAC’s Russian Red on lips!

    • Garriche says:

      I beleive its a Z Palette… is that right? GORGEOUS look kandee! i will be rockin it with my new blonde hair πŸ˜€ ah ha!you’re beautiful kandee! i love your positive outlook, it always makes me smile.

  79. Kim says:

    MAC peaches blush
    NARS Schiap lipstick

  80. Nicole says:

    For blushed perfect cheeks
    I dust the powder across.
    A beautiful glow at the peaks
    Lips painted of spicy hot sauce.

    Soft rose gold dances in candle light
    gentle kitten highlights flicker from above
    I captivate him through the night
    as we share each others love.

    He kisses my pouty plump lips
    that have shiny red decor
    lipstick creamy and whipped
    with deep red gloss that’s to die for.

    <3 Happy Valentines Day! <3 Good luck to all!

  81. Mary says:

    A light pink blush with a slightly darker pink matte shade would be lovely.

  82. zahra naderi says:

    I will use light/soft red lipgloss outlined with a red lip liner. Add golden shimmer to the outer line of the lips to give a slight shimmer. Apply coral bronzer on my cheekbones and finish it with a touch of golden sparkle on my cheeks.

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