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“If you can help someone feel good about themselves, you feel almost as good. It’s a feeling money can’t buy.” -Dina Ousley

Have you ever found yourself smiling for no reason? You’re sitting at your desk and suddenly a thought crosses your mind and for no rhyme or reason, a smile glistens across your face. In the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, it’s important to take a moment each day to remember the little things that make us happy.

At the Dinair headquarters, we’re always sharing pictures with each other. Our favorite picture today is one of Jessy cozied up next to a Dinair Airbrush system! (Picture below) Pretty cute, right?? In honor of World Heart Day, this month we want you to share a picture of something that makes YOU happy! Maybe it’s the delicate morning breeze, a home-cooked meal, or maybe it’s the lyrics to a song…. whatever it is, we want to see it!


Contest Rules

Share a picture of your happy thought with us! (no inappropriate pictures, please!)

Where to share:


Twitter: (hash tag #Dinair #AirbrushMakeup #HappyThought #HeartDay

Instagram: @Dinair1 (hash tag #Dinair #AirbrushMakeup #HappyThought #HeartDay)

Prize: Dinair Airbrush Makeup Personal/Pro Kit

Contest Ends: Sunday, September 30th

Winners Announced: Monday, October 1st

Two (2) winners will be chosen at random


Official terms and conditions

More things that make our hearts flutter….



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