Meet Professional Makeup Artist Diana McCallister!

Meet Diana McCallister, a talented makeup artist who uses Dinair products in all her creations!

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself! My name Diana McCallister Aguiar and I am a professional makeup artist specializing in Body Painting & airbrush makeup.

Tell us about your beauty beginnings. How and when did you fall in
love with makeup?
I have a degree in Fine Arts and makeup is just another form of art. I love creating designs on the body and tricking the eye with different techniques.

What made you decide to be a makeup artist? How long have you been
working as a makeup artist?
I started doing body painting as just another form of art and really enjoyed it. I have been doing makeup for 5 years professionally.

How did you hear about Dinair? I met Dina from Dinair at Imats a few years back and we hit it off. I checked out their products and fell in love with them.  It’s hard sometimes to find makeup especially for body painting that can stay on performers through out the event but Dinair can.

What are your favorite Dinair products to use? I absolutely love the fantasy colors. They stay on and look amazing on camera.  Some of the colors are black light reactive which makes for really cool effects. I love the fact that all the colors can be used for eyeshadow, lips, hair or skin.


How has Dinair and airbrush makeup benefited you professionally? I trust the brand and know that my makeup will not be coming off the model or performer without me helping to remove it. I also know that the colors will show up the way I intend them to in photos.


How has airbrush makeup changed your beauty routines, personally and
  It gives an even look without any brush strokes. I can work really quickly with airbrush makeup. Its great not having to worry about cleaning my paint brushes after every model since I am using an airbrush, I do not have to touch their skin.


What are some of the most outrageous beauty projects you have
completed using Dinair professionally?
The Emmys was a lot of fun. If you check out my portfolio, you can see I have a lot of outrageous beauty projects.


What do you find to be the most common mistakes women make with makeup? Not blending enough with their foundation.  Contouring is great but you really have to make sure their are no harsh lines from the application.

What is the best advice that you have ever been given? Making sure to know the business side of the industry because you can be an amazing artist but if you do not promote yourself then exposure might take longer than expected.

Where do you see your self in ten years? I love what I do, so I would still love to travel and work closely with Dinair , and the Sport Illustrated body painting issue, I would really love to be apart of that.


 Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or your
Just have fun with it… Try and make your clients or models comfortable. I really pride myself on my interactions with my clients.  If you are dealing with an unruly client, just breath, get thorough it, because your work is your calling card.



Thank you for all your wonderful answers, Diana! We are so happy to have you on our team!


Diana’s contact information:
www.onestep2far.comtwitter: @onestep2far_dm

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