Meet Professional Makeup Artist Asia Thurston!

Asia Thurston

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself!

I am originally from Chicago, but relocated to Delaware by way of school. I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics. I really enjoy teaching; whether it’s teaching someone about good eating habits or teaching someone how to apply eyeshadow correctly. For those that do not know,there is a correlation between skin and your food within!Meaning,YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! I am a fun person to be around, and I love seeing people’s faces when their facez have “Changed”.

Tell us about your beauty beginnings. How and when did you fall in love with makeup?

I’ve always loved makeup and played in it in high school, but never really pursued it until now. My sister reintroduced me to makeup about 3 years ago and that’s when my beauty beginnings really blossomed! She started sending me makeup telling me to play in it. We began to take pictures and skype each other frequently to show off our makeup looks of the day. About a year afterwards, I was introduced to Mary Kay Cosmetics. I loved how the skincare line really showed an improvement in my skin making it smooth, and flawless. I decided to join the Mary Kay family. They taught me the importance of skin care,how to care for your skin, and how to apply foundation, eye, cheek, and lip colors. I had an opportunity to meet a Makeup Artist from New York, Lori Hogg, who came to Delaware for a workshop. It was then that my inspiration and motivation GREW and I fell in love with makeup. I decided to take the art of makeup seriously and designed a name for myself, which is ChangingFacez Makeup Artistry. Since 2010, I have been contracted to make over brides, teenagers going to homecomings, and proms, and Changing Facez of people who are going to special event functions. I have also began creating YouTube videos for those who want to learn how to apply makeup.

  How did you hear about Dinair?

It’s a funny story how I found out about Dinair. I had been looking at investing in an airbrush machine, but the seemed sooo pricy! My stepmother and I were talking about makekup one day and she began telling me about this girl she works with who has flawless skin. She asked the young lady what she was wearing and the girl told her she had on Dinair’s foundation which is airbrushed. My stepmother was sooo intrigued, she went to the website and purchased one. Once she gave me the website, I looked into it and saw that it was reasonable (compared to a lot of other brands) and I decided to try it. I think I went to Dinair’s website about 2-3 times per day until I finally went ahead and purchased a system.
What are your favorite Dinair products to use?

My favorite Dinair products to use are the Glamour shades because most of them are versatile. Dinair and airbrush makeup has benefited me professionally and changed my beauty routine because it takes less time for me to apply HD foundation, it’s a lot more sanitary than using brushes, it fits in the palm of my hand, and I can travel with it.

What are some of the most outrageous beauty projects you have completed using Dinair professionally??

I have not had any outrageous beauty projects recently, but I am updating my portfolio soon and I am incorporating Dinair’s airbrush system into my routine to create natural, flirty, colorful, fairy, and even theatrical looks.

What do you find to be the most common mistakes women make with makeup?

Two of the most common mistakes women make is not applying the correct color foundation for their skin, and applying eyeshadow without a base.
What is the best advice that you have ever been given?

The best advice I have ever been given is to pursue ALL of my dreams.

Where do you see your self in ten years?

In 10 years, I see myself teaching, and applying flawless makeup to those who are looking for a transformation.

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