Meet Chantea Harris!

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself!

A: I’m a fun loving 26 year old, I’m married and I have 2 kids. I went to college for 3 years before deciding that being in the beauty industry was what I wanted to do. I’m a freelance makeup artist and an aspiring business owner working on an up and coming makeup line.

Tell us about your beauty beginnings. How and when did you fall in love with makeup?

A: My beauty beginnings started around middle school. I absolutely fell in love with makeup in high school and then my love for makeup just grew from there once I started to really learn how to use it and what you could do with makeup. I think it really took off when I started doing  a little modeling at age 16 and then once I got into modeling more in my 20’s I loved the different looks that you get with makeup.

What made you decide to be a makeup artist? How long have you been working as a makeup artist?

A: I decided to be a makeup artist while I was sitting at my desk at work one day. I was watching YouTube beauty videos and ordering some makeup online (I had a lot of downtime at work, lol) and happen to come across Kandee Johnson’s YouTube channel and I think I watched like all of her videos from the time I was at work and until I went to bed that night and I was so inspired I decided to make my own beauty channel. Once I got into it more and saw other beauty gurus, my spark for makeup artistry came out and I decided then that I was going to go and do what I needed to do to become a makeup artist. I have now been freelancing for about a year now and I am learning new things everyday and loving it.

How did you hear about Dinair?

A: Once I got into YouTube videos and started learning about all different types of makeup. I started searching online for makeup classes and different courses in my area. I came across Dinair’s website and just fell in love with airbrush makeup from there.

What are your favorite Dinair products to use?

A: I love the foundations they cover so great and I can’t even feel them on my skin. I also love the blush, lip and eyeshadows. It’s so easy to use and an even quicker routine once you get the hang of it.

How has Dinair and airbrush makeup benefited you professionally?
A: I have used Dinair twice on clients since I have gotten it and they have loved how it feels and how great it covers. I feel that the more i use it and integrate it into my work it will be extremely beneficial to my clients and myself because of time and it’s so great with sanitation and everything else. It has been a wonderful addition to my kit.

How has airbrush makeup changed your beauty routines, personally and professionally?

A: Personally it has made my foundation routine so much quicker. I don’t even have to use concealer anymore if I don’t want to because it covers my under eye circles its so great and it takes less time to get ready. It has also helped with my breakouts I feel because I don’t have to worry about having to clean my brushes so often and worry about dragging the same brush on my face everyday. I feel that it has helped my skin as well with having to put less product on my face to get the look that I want. Professionally I feel that it is going to help me with speed, sanitation and just an all around better turn out as far as the look and quality of the makeup on my clients.

What are some of the most outrageous beauty projects you have completed using Dinair professionally??

A: I haven’t had any really outrageous beauty projects as of yet but I have a body painting shoot to do soon so that should be interesting, lol.

What do you find to be the most common mistakes women make with makeup?

A: You want to make sure you have the right color foundation and you don’t have to much on. Less is more, I always go by that now. If your piling on the foundation you end up getting the flakey, caked on look. It suffocates your pores and your skin looks weird. You want it to look smooth and natural. Whether you want sheer or full coverage it should all look natural and smooth. I think a lot of women make that mistake with foundation, piling it on and getting the wrong color.

What is the best advice that you have ever been given?

A: Never stop learning and take refresher courses as often as possible in your field. There’s always something new to learn.

Where do you see your self in ten years?

A: I see myself with a successful business, mentoring and teaching others about makeup.
Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or your experiences?

A: I’m really glad Dinair has given me this chance to share my story and experiences. I plan on taking the Dinair airbrush certification course soon, so I’m really looking forward to hopefully being able to do that soon.

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