Meet Airbrush Makeup Artist Michelle Moore

Meet Airbrush Makeup Artist

Michelle More

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself!

My name is Michelle Moore and I am a hairstylist/makeup artist in Orange County, CA. I have a huge passion for Wedding and Beauty Industry. Sometimes I can’t believe this is actually my career and often pinch myself. I’m so thankful for all my clients, brides and colleagues. 

Tell us about your beauty beginnings. How and when did you fall in love with makeup?

I fell in love with makeup around age 4 when my dad would share his Chapstick with me and it stained my lips red and tasted like cherries. I would sneak Chapstick and mascara to Kindergarden and apply it in the bathroom. The only problem was I’d forget to remove it before my mom picked me up!

What made you decide to be a makeup artist?

How long have you been working as a makeup artist? I went to college to be a teacher and changed my mind 3 years in and transferred into beauty school. After doing hair for about year I had a client ask me to do her makeup for her wedding. I used all her makeup and it turned out great. The referrals started coming in and I took a few classes and the rest is history.

 How did you hear about Dinair?

I had a teacher in Beauty School, Ms. Wright, who is friends with Dina and she did a demonstration one day and I remembered telling myself, “someday I’m going to buy that kit.”

What are your favorite Dinair products to use?

My favorite Dinair Products are the Foundation and Blush. I use it daily as well as on every bride. 

How has Dinair and airbrush makeup benefited you professionally?

Dinair started as an added service to my clientele and has turned into being 50% of my income. My first year I booked 7 weddings and each year my numbers increase. This year I’ll hit around 60 weddings/events.

How has airbrush makeup changed your beauty routines, personally and professionally?

Airbrush has dramatically changed my routine. It’s faster, lighter, easier to apply, more sanitary and I can apply makeup for 2 people at the same time to allow for dry time for both airbrush and eyelash glue. 

What do you find to be the most common mistakes women make with makeup?

The most common mistakes women make with makeup is color matching. I often see clients wearing makeup that is too dark, too light, or too pink for their skin tone. Dinair has many color options with various undertones for everyday wear and for special events. 

What is the best makeup advice that you have ever been given?

The best makeup advice I have ever been given was to cut strip lashes into 4-5 pieces. This allows the eyelid to stretch when opened and reduce that pulling feeling you often experience with strip lashes. 

Where do you see your self in ten years?

In 10 years from now I see myself doing the exact same thing I’m doing today. The wedding industry is such a passion of mine that if for some reason my body goes out on me I will take up wedding planning. 

 Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or your experiences?

Yes 2 things. If you are anyone you know is getting married, make sure they book a Dinair Makeup Artist. Secondly, anyone reading this article who wants to be a MUA…use Dinair, follow your dreams, take classes, keep up on trends, be reliable, be patient and most off all LOVE WHAT YOU DO!


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