Never a Dull Moment with Dina

After an exciting weekend at ISSE, we had the pleasure of hosting a workshop for a couple Japanese students. Dina stocked the room with pastries, coffee, and tons of sweets. The girls showed up bright and early, and despite the language barrier, there was never a dull moment! We all went out to lunch where they taught us Japanese phrases like itadakimasu which means “I gratefully receive” (it is tradition to say this before each meal), and “gochisosama” which means “thank you for the meal.” After lunch, Sonoko Kazu, an established airbrush makeup artist in Japan, shared some photos from a magazine shoot she recently worked on. Dina loved her work so much, she wanted us to share them with you ! Check it out…










We will share more photos of Sonoko’s work soon!

Congratulations to Nao Kashiro and Kumi Kubota on becoming certified Dinair Airbrush Makeup Artists!

Have you thought about expanding your career in the beauty industry? Start by training with the world’s leading Airbrush Makeup experts!





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