How To Airbrush Makeup With Dinair

For people who want to learn how to airbrush makeup, watching an airbrush makeup tutorial is an excellent way to follow along with someone and see the process firsthand. An airbrush makeup video or airbrush makeup tutorial will show how to use airbrush makeup techniques to achieve a beautiful look every day.

The Dinair airbrush makeup company just released an airbrush makeup YouTube video showing one of our makeup artists, Candace, goes through her daily routine step-by-step. For anyone wanting to learn airbrush makeup, this ‘How To Airbrush Makeup’ tutorial is a must-see. Candace shows how many inches from the face the airbrush should be when applying foundation, bronzer, blush and eye shadow, as well as tricks for contouring and hiding imperfections.

For foundation, the Candace recommends 6-10 drops of airbrush makeup and to hold the brush at least 6 inches from your face. She suggests holding the brush 4 inches away for contouring and highlighting, and 2 inches away for blemishes, under eye circles and eye makeup. Throughout the airbrush makeup tutorial, the Candace reminds beginners to keep moving the airbrush in a circular motion.

Candace goes through the entire process of how to airbrush makeup and applies foundation, bronzer, blush, eye shadow and moisturizer. For beginners who want to know how to do airbrush makeup, watching this airbrush makeup video can speed up the learning process tenfold. Experienced users may also want to watch and learn new tips on how to airbrush makeup.

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