Dinair Holiday Trendy Eye

With only 4 shopping days left, the holiday spirit has completely taken over at the Dinair headquarters. Santa hats, ornaments, ribbons, and even snowflakes have popped up all around the office!  In true Dinair fashion, our girls have come up with a new look for you to try this holiday season. Check out the easy step-by-step instructions below!


Step 1 : Apply BRONZE ROSE to lid and along lower lashes at the outer corner of the eye as your base.



Step 2: Layer DK PEACH PINK over the lid and apply to outer corner of the eye in a C shape.

Step 3: With GOLD SHIMMER highlight under the brow bone and inner corner of the eye

Step 4: Using DARK BROWN and your EYE Brow Stencil create a half-cat eye

Step 5:  Use the remaining DARK BROWN in your cup to line upper and lower lash lines

Step 6: Finally, apply a small dot of LT BRONZE on the center of the eyelid to complete the look!



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