Festive Airbrushed Nails for 4th Of July

As we get ready to celebrate Independence Day, we figured that it would be great to show everyone a cool way to use their airbrushes for 4th of July!

Get these fun and festive Fourth of July airbrushed nails using Dinair Airbrush Makeup by following these easy steps!

Step 1: Spray your nails white with Dinair Fantasy White and add a clear gel polish or regular polish top coat. (Let dry or dry with gel machine)

Step 2: Use a small star stencil and place it over the bottom half of your nails in an angle – then spray Dinair’s Fantasy Blue Airbrush color over it.

Step 3: Apply a clear polish or gel polish coat. (Let dry or dry with gel machine)

Step 4: Place a stripe stencil over the bottom half in an angle and spray the Dinair Fantasy Red Airbrush color over it.

Step 5: Add a top coat to seal the airbrush in. (gel polish or regular and let dry or dry with gel machine)

Step 6: Take a q-tip and some Dinair makeup remover solution and clean up the sides that had any extra airbrush makeup sprayed.

Voila! Fast, fun, and easy! Happy 4th of July Dinair Divas!

Remember Dinair Divas – We have a variety of stencils and colors so you can create many looks besides this one as well!

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