Fans of the Week!

Do you have a Dinair Airbrush Makeup kit? Do you create awesome looks everyday? Enter to become our fan of the week!

Facebook Fan of the Week: Show us all your beautiful airbrush makeup creations by uploading your picture onto our Facebook page, then tell all your friends and family about it. The picture that receives the most “LIKES” will be Dinair’s Facebook Fan Of The Week!

Twitter Fan of the Week: Tweet us your makeup creation @Dinair, ask your friends to retweet the picture. The picture that receives the most retweets will become Dinair’s Twitter Fan of the Week! Make sure you hashtag #dinair and #airbrushmakeup in your tweet!

Instagram Fan of the Week: Become our Insta-fan of the Week! Upload your picture, mention us in your caption @Dinair1 hashtag #dinair and #airbrushmakeup in your caption. The photo that receives the most likes will become our Insta-fan of the Week!

Why become our Fan of the Week?  Your picture will be used as our profile picture for the week, you will also be featured on our blog AND the lucky artist will receive a FREE surprise gift! Be colorful, be creative, and most of all, HAVE FUN! contest ends on 5/14/2012 at 2pm PST. xo

makeup done by @ShowMeMakeUp!/dinair

instagram: @dinair1






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