Eye liner that can last up to 12 hours??

Okay ladies, how often do you reapply your eye liner throughout the day? It fades, it smears, AND you have to carry a small little pencil around in your purse — which makes it nearly impossible to find! Overall, it is time consuming and a DRAG! Well, it’s time to put down that old pencil and sharpener and pick up an airbrush kit! Dinair is the ONLY airbrush makeup company that offers the precision of a low air pressure compressor, which makes eye-lining fast, precise, and long-lasting (up to 12 hours long to be exact!). With a little practice, you’ll become a pro!

Here are some simple eye-lining tips:

1. Keep your compressor dial at 10 o’clock.

2. Add one drop of color to the airbrush cup.

3. Use your shadow shield to block any eye liner color from spraying on to the under-eye area.

4. Hold the airbrush about 1 inch away from the lash line.

5. Spray color to darken lashes and close to the eyelash rim to create a beautiful smooth eye









Here is a short “eye makeup/lining” video made by one of our users!

Also, check out some of our “how-to” videos for more makeup tips!


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