Dinair’s Super Simple Labor Day Look

You won’t get lost in a sea of white this Labor Day weekend by following Dinair’s tips to achieving a super simple Labor Day look that will leave others mesmerized by your beauty.  So dress in your favorite white ensemble (one last time) and spray on Dinair Airbrush Makeup to create an eye-popping look!

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Face: Start by applying Dinair Sunscreen to your freshly cleaned face and neck to protect your face from the sun’s harmful rays.  Next, add 4-5 drops of your foundation color into your airbrush, turn the dial to 12 o’clock and spray away!

Eyes: Add Champagne to the inner corners of your eyes and lids for a natural shine.  To add a pop of color to your white attire, spray a fine line of Sapphire Blue (or any desired colored) as liner.  For precision eye liner application follow these steps:

1. Keep your compressor dial at 10 o’clock.

2. Add one drop of color to the airbrush cup.

3. Use your shadow shield to block any eye liner color from spraying on to the under-eye area.

4. Hold the airbrush about 1 inch away from the lash line.

5. Spray color to darken lashes and close to the eyelash rim to create a beautiful smooth eye

Lips: For a subtle pout, add a touch of Cloudy Pink to your lips. Follow with a light mist of Moist and Dewy for a shine that never looks overdone.

Dinair Labor Day Deals

  • FREE Travel Bag with a purchase of $75 or more.  Use offer code: BAGIT.  Valid through 9/3/12.
  • Double your foundation when you buy a personal pro kit.  No offer code needed.  Valid through 9/3/12.

What airbrush makeup look will you rock this Labor Day?

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