Dinair Tip: For oily skin, use Liquid Powder to eliminate shine. See our episode on Skin Care here!

Liquid Powder:
Before: Use before makeup application to eliminate shine.
After : As needed, use throughout the day for a touch-up. You can eliminate shine on the go!

Other skin care products

Jojoba: Revitalize dry skin anytime with this safe-to-use body moisturizer 2-3 drops will cover your whole body.
Moist and Dewy: A revolutionary spray-on moisturizer made from olive extract that works for all skin types, and can take years off your appearance! Add radiance and luminosity to any Dinair product, and soften the look of your foundation. Heals and soothes your skin underneath. Spray 1-2 drops before your foundation, mix a few drops into your daily wear shades, or top off your look for a glowing complexion.
Tea Tree Oil: This natural antiseptic works perfectly to adhere glitter to the face and body. Just mix it in and sponge it on.
Pure and Simple Cleansing Lotion: Save time with this facial cleanser astringent and makeup remover in one! Gentle foaming lotion is water-activated, water-rinsed to clean every type of skin. Great to use to take off your airbrushed makeup! Paraben and fragrance free.
Shine Free: Helps control shine throughout the day. Apply 15-20 minutes before airbrush foundation. Apply by hand using a gentle, patting motion.
Smooth Surface Instant Line Smoother: Smooth out the surface of your skin instantly with this pore and line corrector. Apply sparingly around the eyes, mouth, and other wrinkle-prone areas. May be applied over moisturizer or makeup.
Perfect Skin: Minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Apply before the foundation.
Retinol Resurfacing Complex: Retinol is in its purest form of anti-aging Vitamin A – blends with a skin-renewing non-acid sugar complex to gently smooth surface wrinkles, even skin tone and restore your skin’s youthful texture within days.
Sunscreen: Lightweight, oil-free formula with SPF 40. Water resistant. Use as a pre-applicator before the foundation.

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