Dinair Summer Makeup Tips!

The weather’s hotter and the sun’s brighter, which means summer is approaching!

We know wearing makeup during the summer can be heavy, uncomfortable, and a chore, but following these steps and tips should make it all better!


Tip 1: Use Dinair for not just your foundation but for your eye brows and eye shadow too! We already know that airbrushing is already light weight, but our makeup is sweat proof and water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the pool parties, the beach, or the heat melting your face off.

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Tip 2: Add a drop or two of XTreme into your foundation – This will make it last even longer with even more coverage! This is just adding a little more insurance to the airbrush makeup on your face.

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Tip 3: Oil blotting sheets can smudge and move your makeup around. Try using the Liquid Powder! This is already a great primer, but dabbing a bit onto your oily areas through out the day over your makeup will continue to keep you matte. You’re not blotting away your makeup and still controlling the oils!

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Tip 4: We know a lot of people love going light for the summer with their hair. If you want to dye your hair for just the summer, try using our airbrush hair colors! We have natural colors and crazy fun colors and you won’t have to commit! This stuff is also water resistant, so you can go swimming and no one will even know, but washes out with shampoo so you won’t have to stick to only one color!

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These tips will have you looking so flawless all summer whether it’s in the pool or out on the town!

Try it out, take selfies, and enjoy your summer Dinair Divas!

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