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As if there weren’t enough ways to use airbrush makeup, we recently rediscovered how truly versatile and universal our colors are.

One of our very own Dinair Customer Service superstars alerted us to something she’s been doing for some time now – nails! That’s right, AIRBRUSH nail art using our very own Dinair color collections. Our very own Dinair Diva, Betzy, discovered this new world of airbrush possibility when she was applying her eyeshadow. As Betzy airbrushed her shadow, some of the makeup got on her already manicured nails. When she went to remove the makeup, she decided she actually liked the accidental design it made and opted instead to brush a clear coat over it. This airbrush beauty moment inspired Betzy to go on to create more nail art using airbrush makeup. The rest is history!

To watch Betzy demonstrate her 10 minute ombre airbrush nails, check her out on Facebook Live!

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