How Dinair Makes Me A Hero

“How Dinair Makes Me A Hero”

Makeup Artist Agency Owner Victoria Callaway

During the next couple of days we will be sharing some of Victoria’s best Airbrushing stories with all of you! Enjoy…!


I’ll never forget how I met Dina fifteen years ago. It was at a fashion show. We had to get 15 models ready in forty-five minutes. In walks this perky blonde with the biggest smile.

She opens up her kit. It was airbrushing equipment. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Dina starts spraying the models. Foundation, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner. She’s done in half-an-hour, thirty-five minutes tops. Everything is airbrushed. Soft, natural, pretty.

She looks at me and says, “O.K. let’s go get a cup of coffee now.”

I was in shock!

Dina has this finesse about herself. It’s part of what makes her company so great.

I started training with her shortly after that experience. Since that day, I’ve grown my business into a mid-sized makeup artist agency. I train all my girls to use Dinair Airbrushing.

We focus mostly in TV, film and commercial work. I’ll tell you something right now, Dinair products gave me a huge leg up. How? It’s versatile. And I don’t mean just the number of colors Dinair has (which, by the way, can’t be beat)…

I also mean some of the “odd” situations I’ve found myself in where Dinair made me look like a hero as a makeup artist. I have enough stories to fill a book.


Airbrushing, Drugs & Rock n’ Roll


A pharmaceutical company hired me a while back. They had just launched a new drug… and to promote it, they held a big rock concert out in Houston.


They ended up hiring two makeup artists. What they wanted us to do was to hand paint the product logo on the forehead or cheek of staff, crew and other key people.


So the night before, I went on to their website, found their logo and printed it out. I then got some clear plastic to make a stencil. Cut it out. Went to bed.


I showed up for work the next day and airbrushed the logo onto people’s faces. Imagine this. My line had about 25 people, and the other makeup artist had three or four. I was getting them in and out. The other girl was painting them on by hand the old fashioned way.


Needless to say, she shot me a dirty look that screamed, “You’re making me look really bad over here”. Eek. Sorry.


It’s amazing what you can do with airbrushing.


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