Dinair Hair Bling

Does the cost of highlights give you a headache? Is your wallet blanched by Brazilian Blowouts? Overextended by paying for extensions?

In a world of astronomical opportunities for beauty expenditures, Dinair keeps providing the most high-impact, celeb-quality hair accessories at prices that won’t make you panic!

The fastest way to dazzle like like an A-lister is with DINAIR HAIR BLING! It goes on in minutes and sends streams of sparkles flowing through your locks for days. Hair bling won’t break the bank either because you get dozens of diamond-shiny strands for just $15!

Try 33 red-carpet-ready colors like Sizzling Champagne, Precious Platinum, Pink Kisses and Orange Sunset… and infuse your mane on demand with color, shimmer and shine. No need to rush the salon for head-turning attention because Dinair Hair Bling fits right into your existing beauty routine. Wash, blow dry, straighten and curl as usual, and get more shine instantly!

Choose shades that boost your existing color… Brunettes amp it up with Polished Copper and Cranberry hair bling… Blondes go gaga over Sizzling Gold and Precious Platinum hair bling… Auburn beauties adore the addition of Rio Red and Sizzling Hot Pink hair bling in their locks.

For fierce hits of fashion that won’t wreck your hair’s condition, choose bold and contrasting shades like Lime Green, Sizzling Violet and Electronic Blue. An alternative to temp and permanent dyes, you can change your mind and your Dinair Bling as fast as you change an outfit!

Dinair’s Bling hair tinsel comes in 2 lengths to suit tresses of all sizes, shapes and textures. Trims easily and applies invisibly, the 18″ hair accessories are perfect for shorter-haired divas. The 36″ length suits longer styles beautifully.

Head to AirbrushMakeup.com or call 1 800 785 4770 and get your Hair Bling on… to start or finish your red carpet look!

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