NEW! Dinair Color Corrective Concealer!




Dinair is always working hard to bring you new and exciting products to give you an even higher makeup satisfaction. So Dinair is proud to announce the arrival of its newest makeup edition! Please help us in welcoming Dinair Airbrush Makeup’s new Color Corrective Concealer. It is specifically designed to erase the look of blemishes and even the toughest under eye circles. The concealer is infused with pomegranate and is water based to help the skin look bright and smooth. You apply the concealer manually and it is super easy to use. You simply use the applicator to dab it onto the area in which you are trying to conceal. Then you just blend it in with your finger. It glides on smoothly and does not appear thick or cakey. It will last all day but is small and convenient enough to put in your makeup bag if you feel you want an extra touchup throughout the day.

We understand how hard it is to conceal those dreaded under eye circles and unwanted blemishes so we wanted to bring our costumers some relief. We designed the Color Corrective Concealer to balance imperfections and give you a fresh-faced and flawless look. The concealer is also fragrance free so it should work on even the most sensitive of skin. When choosing your concealer color, choose one shade lighter than your foundation, we have a concealer for each foundation collection. Try the new Color Corrective Concealer today and we promise you won’t be let down. Its time to get that flawless skin you have always dreamed of!

Get your Color Corrective Concealer NOW for only $19.95!

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