Dinair Airbrush Makeup Review By Hope

Like many professional makeup artists and cosmetology students looking for a career edge, Hope came to Dinair’s Pro Workshop wanting to implement airbrush techniques. “This is going to add a great deal to my professional career,” Hope remarked.

Hope Reviews Dinair’s Rub-proof Makeup

  • I did all my makeup with my airbrush and it’s just my second day.
  • See how easy it is for beginners!
  • The most important thing is you’re not transferring bacteria from a brush to your face.
  • No need to touch your face, makeup all goes on with air.
  • Amazing, endless possibilities!
  • Doesn’t move, doesn’t rub off, not even on your clothing.
  • Dinair’s Glamour makeup is so long lasting it stays on all day.
  • You get a really soft finish, my skin loves it!

Why Hope Recommends Dinair

  • It’s an exciting opportunity to offer Dinair Airbrush Makeup to clients!
  • It’s makeup clients can do themselves too. Fast, easy & natural.
  • Look photo-ready everyday.
  • A perfect finish for your skin, it’s not heavy, it’s not shiny.
  • Dinair feels light, not like wearing a lot of makeup – it just gives you a flawless finish.

Practice with a Friend

  • Grab a friend, and practice on one another!
  • My mom and my daughter can use it. It’s literally perfect for any age.
  • All of my friends are going to learn about Dinair. They’ll want to use it after they see it on me and what i can do on their face!

Hope’s New Secret Weapon

  • I have a secret now, when i do my makeup.
  • I look like a celebrity, I put my makeup on and it’s perfect.
  • Feel great when you wear your makeup, feel beautiful, feel good about yourself.
  • Get whole new level of confidence.
  • This is my new secret weapon for my makeup business!

Are you a beauty professional who wants to learn Dinair Airbrush Makeup techniques hands-on? Visit our Pro Workshop page. Are you a home user looking for rub-proof daily wear makeup that provides a celebrity-perfect finish? Visit our Before & After Gallery!

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