Dinair Airbrush Makeup Review by Atina Yu

Fresh from Dinair’s makeup school, the Airbrush Makeup Institute, Atina Yu gives her airbrush makeup review. Dinair airbrushing is one of Atina’s favorite techniques to share.

Atina’s Top 3 Airbrushing Advantages
1. Compared to traditional makeup, Dinair’s airbrush makeup lasts up to 24 hours.
2. It’s light, you feel like you don’t have any makeup on even with full coverage.
3. Dinair’s airbrush makeup doesn’t rub off onto your clothes.

Atina’s Airbrush Makeup Class Review
Atina describes Dinair’s workshop as a useful, highly informational class where she could ask any questions. The instructors would show her how to create the desired effects with the airbrush.

“It doesnt feel like a class, it’s like a family.”

Atina said she got all the information she needed from Dinair’s class, where students get to practice the airbrushing techniques they learn on real faces – one another and often airbrush makeup models too.

Atina’s Favorite Part of Dinair’s Workshop

Atina said the most important feature of the workshop is that it’s extremely hands-on.

Atina Goes Global with Dinair
Atina’s already discovered that brides love Dinair’s flawless airbrush finish of Dinair. She uses the Dinair system on all her brides when she does their wedding day makeup. Now her goal is to bring Dinair back to Vietnam so all the ladies can try it. We think that’s a great idea!

Based in North Hollywood, Dinair products are found in 60 countries all over the world, and Dinair’s workshop travels internationally and all across the USA. Check out the Workshop Calendar for a schedule of upcoming classes. Happy Airbrushing!

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