Dinair Airbrush Makeup Offers Payment Plans for Kits! Get your Kit TODAY…at 1/2 the Cost.

We offer Dinair payment plans for kits! Our airbrush makeup payment plan makes it even easier for you to get this in-demand beauty product that everyone has fallen in love with! So here is how our Dinair payment plan works:

You’ll pay just 50% of the kit price upfront, plus shipping. Then you’ve got 30 days until the remaining 50% is due, we’ll automatically bill you for your convenience. This is an easy and simple way for you to get your Dinair flawless face TODAY!

We are here for you. Let the makeup of the stars now be a part of your daily makeup routine.

If you order additional items outside the kit those are charged on the first payment in addition to the first half. If ordering online, simply select “payment plan” from the payment types.

**All Payment Plan orders require two credit cards. We will only charge the “primary” card as the “alternate” is in case you want to change the payment method at 30 days.

ORDER YOUR KIT TODAY with Dinair’s Payment Plan!
If you have any questions about this Dinair payment plan opportunity please call us at 800.785.4770
Happy Airbrushing!


*Payment planes may not be available at the current time*

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