Dinair Airbrush Makeup & Class Review by Courtney

Courtney’s recent Dinair review is an example of Dinair’s spreading power. After seeing her aunt become successful doing airbrush makeup, Courtney came to class at Dinair’s Pro Workshop. Using the skills you learn in class, Dinair airbrush makeup services are a lucrative addition to any salon, tanning salon, spa or beauty business.

You offer makeup that sits flawlessly on the skin for up to 24 hours, making even the worst imperfections invisible – and clients quickly become Dinair devotees touting you as the local beauty guru! Referrals and revenue roll in, filling your book and boosting overall interest in your inventory. And then, an amazing thing starts to happen…

Clients want to use Dinair makeup every day for that photo-perfect finish. Once again, the local beauty guru steps in with a face-saving solution: distributing Dinair’s airbrush system and makeup. So many salons are already using this model to raise revenue and keep customer loyalty thriving. Courtney’s right on their heels too. So, back to her Dinair class review..

“I’ve always really liked makeup and it’s such a flawless makeup, I fell in love with it right off the bat!” Courtney said after her session. “In class I learned to do different stenciling and apply foundation with different techniques.

“The teachers were amazing and taught me a lot of things I wouldn’t have learned on my own. What i really like about the makeup is it’s really light feeling on your skin, you don’t have that heaviness to your skin where you feel like everything’s thick on – it’s really light. It gives you the flawless look so you have an all around beauty that enhances your look, so i love it!”

If you liked this Dinair school review, then head over to AirbrushMakeup.com where you can learn more about Dinair’s Pro Workshop check the schedule to find classes near you. Don’t forget – when you sign up with a friend you get $50 Dinair Dollars to spend on Dinair airbrush makeup goodies.
Happy Airbrushing!

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