Dinair Airbrush Makeup: “Revealing the Truth Behind the Myths”

We’ve all heard the myths associated with airbrush makeup—“What is the truth?”  It’s time to bring these myths to light and spray them away once and for all.  Here are Dinair’s top 5 myths and mythbusters!

<strong>Myth #1: Airbrush Makeup is messy, wet, runny and sticky.</strong>

It’s safe to say this assumption is false!  Dinair Airbrush Makeup sets on contact lasting over 18 hours. This high definition micro-pointillism technology eliminates liquid smears or runny applications. Airbrushing Dinair uses NO messy brushes or sponges avoiding any exchange of bacteria—need we say more?

<strong>Myth #2: The Dinair Personal/Pro Compressor is large and heavy.</strong>

The Dinair Mini Personal/Pro compressor is at its lightest weight ever. The 1 lb. compact compressor is only 3×4” and 2” tall. Easy for travel and taking up little bathroom counter space. Get your travel bags ready!

<strong>Myth #3:  It’s hard and time consuming.</strong>

Airbrushing is easier than you may think! With any skill you get better with practice—first you’ll be spraying your makeup in ten minutes, then seven, to five, and then in only two minutes! Plus, no excuses with Dinair’s Distance Guide, this convenient tool is in every kit helping you airbrush at the right distance. See just how easy and fast airbrushing really is at dinair.tv.

<strong>Myth #4: It’s only for professional use.</strong>

Although Dinair has been used by professionals for nearly 30 years, it’s now being offered to you! This growing makeup revolution is no longer just for Pros. Now, you can be camera ready every day in the convenience of your own home.

<strong>Myth #5: It looks cakey.</strong>

Dinair application is light-weight full coverage, with a flawless finish. Our Glamour makeup is Water Resistant, Water Based, Silicon Free, Oil Free and blends seamlessly to reveal and conceal. The airbrush technology applies little micro pixels for a high-definition look covering every imperfection to a matte finish. You spray light layers to achieve your desired coverage. No cakey looks!

See more at AirbrushMakeup.com

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