Digi Award Winners!

With your help, 2 emerging beauty vloggers/bloggers were nominated and crowned Dinair’s Digi Award winners and this weekend they are flying in to meet the entire Dinair Team at our exclusive airbrush makeup workshop! We are thrilled and honored to meet these two talented Beauty Guru’s!!


Maryam Maquillage took the crown for Best Emerging Beauty Blogger. We’ve followed her blog throughout the year and it took us by no surprise that her creatively effortless creations have captivated so many young women! Maryam makes a statement with every look and every creation! Her makeup style is edgy and seamless.


Beauty By Lee (Stephanie Lee) took the crown for Best Emerging YouTube Blogger! Her charming personality and love for makeup won the hearts of beauty enthusiasts across country. Her looks are bright and fun and she continues to inspire us with her flawless makeup application!


Do you have questions you’d like to ask these beauty guru’s? Leave it in a comment below and stay tuned for an update on their weekend with the Dinair Team!  xo





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