Daily Maintenance – Dinair Airbrush Makeup

One of Dinair’s Airbrush Makeup experts, Julie, shows the easiest way to maintain your airbrush in this instructional video. These quick methods will assure your airbrush is in peak condition for flawless beauty every day.

Daily Wet Docking
After you Dinair your makeup each day, make it a practice to wet dock your airbrush.

Here’s how to wet dock:
Spray out all remaining makeup until only air flows through the nozzle.
Place a few drops of Dinair cleaner into the airbrush cup.
Backbubble the cleaner, just like mixing makeup.
It’s best not to spray into the air, so spray into a tissue instead.
Place the rubber band around the main lever, attaching it to the back handle. This pulls the needle back out of the nozzle.
Soak your airbrush in the docking jar with enough water to reach the airbrush cup. Soak the airbrush overnight if needed, you can even see the leftover makeup flow out into water.

Clean the Airbrush Needle
If you ever experience slow airflow, it may be time to clean your airbrush needle.

Here’s how to clean the airbrush needle:

  • Remove the aircaps (needle cap & nozzle cap), they unscrew together as one piece to reveal the needle.
  • Use a q-tip with a couple drops of cleaner to “roll off” makeup from all sides of the needle until it’s sparkling clean. Look out for any q-tip fibers that may have stuck to the needle.
  • Replace the aircaps, making sure to screw them on firmly.
  • Spray the airbrush to test for smooth airflow.

Last Step: Check Aircaps

  • Grab a q-tip with a few drops of cleaner.
  • Be sure to turn off your compressor.
  • Pull back the main lever so the needle is protected and clean inside the air cap.

Pre-Maintenance Tips & Tools
Every Dinair Airbrush Kit includes Cleaner, Travel Air Caps & Rubber Band. Docking jars can be purchased at AirbrushMakeup.com. When using Dinair’s Glamour formula makeup, all you need is Dinair cleanser. If you’re using Dinair’s Paramedical formula makeup, just swap out the cleaner and use rubbing alcohol instead.

Using the Travel Cleaning Aircaps
When you’re traveling with your airbrush or you don’t have a docking jar, you’ll use the travel air caps from your Dinair kit.

  • Apply rubber band to the airbrush lever attaching it to back handle.
  • Apply the longer, smaller air cap over the front of your airbrush.
  • Add a few drops of cleanser into the cup (use water for daily cleaning; use cleaner for deep cleaning).
  • Apply the 2nd air cap over the airbrush cup. This is how to travel and store your airbrush without a docking jar!
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