NEW Crystal Series Compressor

With the launch of our new compressors and bottle caps, there has been tons of excitement buzzing around the Dinair Headquarters! Our design team put their heads together and worked endless hours for months and months! After getting a glimpse of someone walking into George’s office, with what looked like a bag full of limited edition Swarovski-like crystals, we knew we’d be in for a pleasant surprise! Rumors of the new compressor spread like wild fire! Then… finally, after a long awaited arrival, the new contemporary, sleek, design was revealed. It was love at first sight.

The new Crystal Series Compressor features a newly designed flat knob, detailed with a limited edition crystal. With one gentle touch of the crystal, the compressor powers on. The new elegant design fits in the palm of your hands and has the same power and capabilities as the Classic Compressor. Unlike any other airbrush system, Dinair’s adjustable air pressure knob allows for the strength needed to airbrush an entire body and the precision needed to airbrush eyebrows, eye shadow, and even eyeliner!

Paired with the New Crystal Series Compressor, we also opened our hearts to the newly designed flip-top bottle caps. You can instantly open and close these bottle caps with one hand and stop screwing around with your makeup bottles! These new caps had us thinking… “why didn’t we think of this before??” Detailed with an adorable heart shape design, these caps allow for clean and easy makeup application.

Airbrushing just got so much more stylish and easy…. xoxo







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