Covering Vitiligo With Dinair Airbrush Makeup

Vitiligo is a skin condition where patches of skin are missing pigmentation, causing sharply defined, but irregular white patches on the skin.  This condition is most noticeable in persons with dark skin because of the contrast.  Although the condition is not contagious, people who are not familiar with vitiligo tend to react to the contrasting patches on the skin in a negative way.  People who suffer from vitiligo know how important it is to be able to hide the patchy white spots on their body to avoid stares.  Having the white patches on their skin can often make person’s afflicted with the condition self conscious and avoid clothes or situations where their vitiligo can be seen.

Person’s with vitiligo often use makeup to try to cover up the patchy white spots.  Traditional makeup can feel cakey and stiff, and does not stay on well.  Luckily there is a makeup that can cover up vitiligo, feels light and airy and stays on all day without rubbing off.  This makeup is made by Dinair and is the best vitiligo makeup on the market.

How to cover vitiligo: Using a personal Dinair airbrush system, the makeup is sprayed on, not rubbed on, using small sweeps of the airbrush, causing the makeup to blend naturally to the person’s skin color.  Because the makeup is natural and allows the skin to breathe, the makeup does not cause skin irritation or block pores like other makeups.  This makes the Dinair makeup more comfortable than traditional coverup makeup and the ideal cover up makeup for vitiligo.

The Dinair airbrush system and makeup can be used with precision, color matched and applied using air, making Dinair the best makeup to cover vitiligo.  The sharp edges of vitiligo cause the condition to be very difficult to camouflage.  Because Dinair makeup is used with the airbrush, the makeup can be used more in one area, making the coverup darker, and less in another area, making the coverup lighter, to more naturally blend the vitiligo in with the unafflicted skin.

Person’s suffering with psoriasis can apply these same techniques to effectively hide discolored skin.  Dinair’s system and products are the best psoriasis makeup on the market as well. Psoriasis sufferers’ skin is sensitive, and most makeups can be abrasive and even cause a reaction.  Because the Dinair airbrush system is all natural, and is sprayed on, psoriasis is not made more painful by the application. Instead Dinair’s products and airbrush system is light and delicate on inflamed skin, helping the sufferer to hide the embarrassing patches without making the condition worse.

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