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Last month we asked you to share the amazing results that Dinair has given you (or a client) in the Dinair Before and After Contest. We were absolutely amazed by the response! While contestants shared their pictures, they also shared stories about how and why Dinair has made an impact in their lives. Each story was unique, describing stories about acne coverage, to covering tattoos, and even major skin conditions.
Molly Johnson wrote: “Woman are already so self conscious about their skin and appearance, but with Dinair you feel beautiful… like a star. Thank you!”

We couldn’t have asked for more loving and loyal Dinair users. Thank you to everyone who entered! We had such a difficult time choosing only 3 winners… but here they are!

Emily Miller

Emily Miller:
“I began using the Dinair system in 2010 and am currently on my 4th bridal season.
It is the first and only airbrush system I have used and Dinair has literally built me a bridal business where I service over 75 bridal parties per year.
The makeup is flawless, provides full coverage that lasts all day and night and does not look heavy nor feel heavy.”


Krysteanematt Allenduarte

Krysteanematt Allenduarte
“After a couple of weeks using Dinair not only was I able to cover up my acne and hyper pigmentation but my skin was actually clearing up.
Working at a skin care clinic beautiful skin is a must, Dinair definitely gave me my confidence back. Thank you so much Dinair Airbrush Makeup!”


Stephanie Rae Soroczynski

Stephanie Rae Soroczynski…
“Dinair doesn’t only make you look beautiful, it gives you confidence that you never thought you had.”

What others are saying about Dinair…

Nicole Catherine Long: My skin has cleared up since using Dinair makeup and I spread the word! I am so inspired by my own experience and transformation with Dinair that I plan on getting certified as a Dinair airbrush makeup artist and hopefully change someone else’s life.”

Armanda Bond: “Dinair has given me a whole new outlook on makeup. I couldn’t say enough good things about it. I get noticed everywhere I go with my Dinair airbrushed face!”

Nicole Marie: “I’ve NEVER had make-up that FLAWLESSLY covers, evens, and enhances the skin on my face. Not only that, Dinair foundation lasts ALL DAY LONG! Amazingly, it only takes 10 minutes to put on in the morning. I never re-apply make-up anymore.”

How has Dinair changed YOUR life? Share in a comment below!


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