April: Monthly Giveaway Contest!

Hidden on our kitchen counters, refrigerators, and around the bathroom sink, we find little secret “potions” that we use to combat our beauty blunders. Buying skin care products can get expensive… not to mention that horrific moment when you realize you spent tons of money on a product that does not work! Here at Dinair, we always share natural beauty regimen’s with each other. For instance, did you know that an egg yolk can be used to add moisture to your face?? As we get our skin ready for the warm months ahead, let’s all help spread the beauty and share our favorite DIY beauty recipe’s!

CONTEST: Share your favorite DIY beauty regimen with us! Leave it in a comment, be detailed, be creative, and be unique! Our team will choose 1 winner from facebook, 1 from twitter, and 2 from the website (winners from website will be chosen randomly, and announced at a later date). Winners will get their very own personal/pro Dinair Airbrush Makeup kit! Contest ends April 27, 2012 at 2pm PST. Good luck!!


image from worldwithlove.org



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