Airbrush Highlight & Contour

Dinair has the formula for a celebrity-perfect sunkissed glow! It’s all here in this airbrush makeup highlight & airbrush makeup contour video. You can use these techniques for a custom touch to minimize and maximize your features. The result is a flawless, high-impact face!

Here’s an easy guide to the formula:

Airbrush highlight using a matte foundation color, 1 shade lighter than your natural color.
Where to apply:
Above cheekbone, under brow, above brow, chin, middle of nose.

Airbrush contour using a matte foundation color a few shades darker than your natural color.
Where to apply:
Underneath cheek bones, on features you’d like to minimize such as double chin
wide forehead area, wide nose area, etc.

INFUSE EXTRA SIZZLE using airbrush highlighter & bronzer from the Dinair Shimmer Line!
Where to apply:
Tops of cheekbones, underneath eyebrow.
Color: Barely Pink

Where to apply:
Underneath cheekbones.
Color: Light Bronze

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