How to Airblush with Dinair Airbrush Makeup

Blush is one, of the most common, makeup products that women use.  Just a dash of blush across one’s cheeks is enough to bring a rosy glow to the face.  There are many different types of blush products.  There are your regular blush powder, mousse, and mineral-powder types.  Now, there is the revolutionary, Dinair Airbrush Airblush makeup that allows you to spray blush onto your face for a more even, and flawless, application.

Airbrush makeup used to be available only for celebrities, and people who can afford to pay for their application, when you go to beauty salons.  Now Dinair Airbrush makeup makes it easier for people to have their very own airbrush makeup set, and lets them experiment, with their own looks, from the comfort of their homes.  AirBlush, is the easiest thing to master because, you are only concentrating on a small portion of your face, and spraying with broad, light strokes.

To begin applying your Airblush, you need to bring out your Dinair Beauty Airbrush.  This is the main tool for airbrushing your makeup on your skin.  You also need to decide which color of blush you want to use.  You may opt for the natural hues, and, stick with a single color from the Dinair Blush Line.  You may decide to combine two other colors, to create a unique shade that’s excellent for your skin tone.  The Airbrush only needs a couple of drops of makeup, and it’s ready to go a long way.  The, Blush and Lips, makeup line can last up to 24 hours.

To begin the airbrush process, you first need to turn on the air compressor, and keep the notch, (or the dial), on the 12 o’clock position.  The reason behind this is that, at this level, it gives the ideal pressure for the makeup to be dispersed onto your skin.  Just put a couple of drops, of makeup, into the cup of the Dinair Beauty Airbrush and you’re all set.  If you need to combine colors, just drop the necessary amount of makeup into the cup and do a little “back bubble”.  Back bubbling is trapping the air in the cup by blocking the air coming out.  You do that by covering the nozzle with a tissue paper and gently tapping the lever on the Beauty Airbrush to release air.  Once you’re through mixing the colors, test the makeup on a piece of tissue paper.  When you’re content with the color, you can apply the makeup directly on your cheeks.

Make sure that when you spray, your hand is at least 6 inches away.  You need to create light, upward, strokes from the apple of your cheek, following your cheekbone line, all the way to your hairline.  You need to continuously move the Airbrush, to avoid focusing all the color on only one point.

If you find that you have extra Dinair Airblush makeup in the cup, you can still use it on your forehead, nose, and even eyelids, to create a rosy finish.


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    that is indeed a blessing to have that airbrush makeup tool. Women no longer have to spend hours making these cheese blush and redoing their makeup after every hour.

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