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Hi everyone, Brandy here!

It seems like every single day, I get a question from someone about coverage. My mom will call me to talk about sun spots, my friends will call to talk about dark circles, or my niece will call to talk about covering acne. Getting the right amount of coverage seems to be a huge hassle for a lot of people, so today I’m going to tell you how I do it.

If you have been to the Dinair site, you will notice all the makeup colors are shown as gradients (the color emerges and then darkens from left to right). These gradients are basically showing you what the color looks like when it is sprayed at 10% coverage all the way up to 100% coverage.

When you are concealing spots, circles, acne… whatever the blemish may be… you want to choose a color that’s lighter than your foundation. If you look at the gradient for this lighter color, around the 70-80% mark, the color will start to look similar to your foundation color’s 10-30% zone. This is the match that you want! You are covering the blemish in that 70-80% zone of the light color, and then spraying the rest of your face in the 10-30% zone of your foundation color. So, you want these colors to be as close as possible.

Taking 1-2 drops of that concealer color, pulse very gently on the airbrush lever over the blemish. Hold the airbrush nozzle about 2 inches away from the blemish, so you get a heavier coverage in a small area. You only want to apply a teeny bit of product at a time, and it should appear to already be dry when it hits your skin. If it looks wet, then you sprayed too much too quickly. Remember, you can always add a second layer if you desire more coverage.

When you’re done concealing, add 3-4 drops of your foundation color, and spray the rest of your face holding the airbrush nozzle 6 inches away. This will give you that 10-30% coverage over the larger area.

This technique is super fast and simple, and it allows you to cover up those flaws without masking your entire face!

Check out our coverage gradient video!

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