Orlando Premier meets Dinair

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Hi Dinairistas! It’s been a while since we last posted, and we have certainly missed you all. However, it is with good reason. We’ve been very busy catering to fun and exciting events, re-creating our brand, and we want to make sure that everything we share with you is the very best. We hope that you’ve been following along on our social media accounts, email, and website for day to day updates. Without further hesitation, lets do a little recap of what we here at Dinair have been up to lately. So if you have been following us on SM, you know that we were recently at the Orlando Premier event 5/31-6/1, and if you were there then I’m sure you remember our enormous booth banner. We stood out like neon lights in the desert! To match our giant banner we had a sea of great energy flowing through our booth. We had so much fun interacting with our visitors, and sharing all the benefits of Dinair. From our adorable models to our amazing Dinair team, everyone was having an unforgettable time. But the cherry on top was the CEO and founder of Dinair, Dina Ousley, interacting with all her fans and new visitors. The mother of airbrushing had one on ones with our guests, shared helpful tips, and many laughs. It was a very special moment for her and her fans. We wanted all the details so we dug a little deeper and sat down with Dina for an interview and asked her for a quick run down her experience at the event.

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1. In two words, tell us what your experience was like at Orlando Premier? And why?

Dina: Totally amazing! It was standing room only and everyone was so hungry for knowledge. They wanted to airbrush, and we were ready to give them what theycame for.

2. What was the energy like?

Dina: The energy was exceeding 100 mph! It was contagious! They were standing in line, they were enthusiastic, and they were ready!

3. If anyone was at the show they could not miss the 80 ft. x 30 ft. high booth with the enormous pink banner. It’s like you were having an airbrush party during the trade-show. What was the passion behind this?

Dina: Well it was a surprise to me too! You know that George Lampman…that partner of mine, likes to amaze me unexpectedly. I just think it was really big surprise and I just loved it! I knew it was going to bring in a lot of traffic, so I had to be on my best behavior to say the least lol! It also brought in friends that I hadn’t seen in a long time, and they were really excited about it too.

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4. There were 3 overflowing workshops that Dinair put on. What did participants come away with?

Dina: They had hands-on training. There were really energetic vibes throughout the classes, so as you may imagine, they were eager to learn as much as they could in the hour and a half they had with us, which was only an introduction. They learned the basics, and got a good idea of whats in store for them. Our class is only the beginning to their success.

5. How did the visitors feel or what was their reaction when they experienced the Dinair difference?

Dina: They got to experience how easy and light airbrush make up is. It renders natural looking skin, taking out the bad and leaving all the good! They can forget about worrying if the make- up will stay put, and be touch up free for a whole day. They want to be able to do that. They want to be able to look like that everyday and so did our beautiful models! At the end of the day they didn’t want to take their airbrush make up off!

6. Did the visitors leave with confidence that they too can become proficient in or transition to airbrush makeup?

Dina: I believe so. I believe that they don’t feel that the airbrush is a foreign object in their hand anymore.  With just a little education, it wouldn’t take so long and its not a bad idea to take the class. From foundation, to eye liner they learned how to really do it right!

7. What was the highlight of the event for you?

Dina: Well, I’d say meeting everyone that has been our longtime customer that came to say “hello!”, and share their stories about their success with Dinair. And I can’t forget about how our new customers reacted when they saw themselves in airbrush makeup for the first time. Their eyes just lit up! That’s what my team and I thrive for! This is what we do for a living. Change lives.

8. How can a makeup artist become a part of your trade-show team?

Dina: Well they have to take our class… And if they call us, and push us, and have a serious passion for airbrushing then we’re going to acknowledge those people, and certainly give them a chance to go on the road with us and experience it! And its a heck of a ride!

9. If there is anything you could’ve done differently at Orlando Premier, what would it be?

Dina: Nothing! I think the journey there, from the moment we arrived until the moment we left, was just like pure bliss. I feel so fortunate to be able to share my passion with people who feel equally passionate. From my team to my clients, I wouldn’t change a thing. Yay Orlando Premier!

10. What do expect from your next trade show?

Dina: How could it get any better, but I hope it does. I hope more people come and want to learn the Dinair difference!

Well there you go! We here at Dinair welcome positive energy and when you give us a booth at Orlando Premier, we embrace it with our optimistic attitudes, and our eagerness to help others. The Dinair difference doesn’t just stop at make up, it translates to our team. With a boss like Dina, we never have a dull moments and we’re totally OK with that! Till next time airbrushed beauties!

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How the Pros Blowover™

by Jennifer Lee on November 7, 2013

Arianny Celeste, TV Host/ UFC Octagon Girl,  stopped by Dinair Studios with her personal MUA, Suzy Friton, the other day! They came to help us share with you what a Blowover™ is all about. Being in studios or on set requires a lot of time management, but sometimes, things don’t always go as planned. Makeup scheduling can be pushed back not giving the  MUA enough time for full face makeup, and only enough time to do a rush Blowover™ between shots. Arianny knows all about that and this is why she relies on Suzy, who relies on her Dinair Compressor, to give Arianny a flawless complexion.


Check out their video and try it out on yourself, friends, and family! Let us know what you achieved with a Dinair Blowover™


#99Reason #ILoveDinair

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 #99Reason #ILoveDinair

Have you tried every makeup under the moon only to have them come up short? Do you long for something that is easy to use but gives you professional results? Well, Dinair Airbrush Makeup is your answer. It will transform your appearance and your confidence as you discover just how simple and miraculous airbrush makeup really is. Even though the reasons to buy Dinair Airbrush Makeup are countless, check out the feed of #99Reason icon smile #99Reason #ILoveDinair We are revealing one a day till the end of the year!


Cosmic Collision Collection

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101813 102013 CosmicCollisionColors home1 Cosmic Collision Collection

If you haven’t noticed already, Dinair is kicking it up a notch! We’ve come out with some amazing new colors and gave them the striking names that they deserve. It’s our little way of connecting with our fans.

Airbrush makeup is not boring to say the least and neither are the people who spray it and wear it! We are fun, spunky, creative, and glamorous people!!

You can get this collection with the purchase of a kit (limited time only).

Or try out just the new colors here and keep checking Airbrushmakeup.com regularly as we will be releasing even more fantastic shades soon.



Before and After Contest Winners

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Last month we asked you to share the amazing results that Dinair has given you (or a client) in the Dinair Before and After Contest. We were absolutely amazed by the response! While contestants shared their pictures, they also shared stories about how and why Dinair has made an impact in their lives. Each story was unique, describing stories about acne coverage, to covering tattoos, and even major skin conditions.
Molly Johnson wrote: “Woman are already so self conscious about their skin and appearance, but with Dinair you feel beautiful… like a star. Thank you!”

We couldn’t have asked for more loving and loyal Dinair users. Thank you to everyone who entered! We had such a difficult time choosing only 3 winners… but here they are!

Emily Miller Before and After Contest Winners Emily Miller:
“I began using the Dinair system in 2010 and am currently on my 4th bridal season.
It is the first and only airbrush system I have used and Dinair has literally built me a bridal business where I service over 75 bridal parties per year.
The makeup is flawless, provides full coverage that lasts all day and night and does not look heavy nor feel heavy.”


Krysteanematt Allenduarte Before and After Contest Winners Krysteanematt Allenduarte
“After a couple of weeks using Dinair not only was I able to cover up my acne and hyper pigmentation but my skin was actually clearing up.
Working at a skin care clinic beautiful skin is a must, Dinair definitely gave me my confidence back. Thank you so much Dinair Airbrush Makeup!”


Stephanie Rae Soroczynski Before and After Contest Winners Stephanie Rae Soroczynski…
“Dinair doesn’t only make you look beautiful, it gives you confidence that you never thought you had.”

What others are saying about Dinair…

Nicole Catherine Long: My skin has cleared up since using Dinair makeup and I spread the word! I am so inspired by my own experience and transformation with Dinair that I plan on getting certified as a Dinair airbrush makeup artist and hopefully change someone else’s life.”

Armanda Bond: “Dinair has given me a whole new outlook on makeup. I couldn’t say enough good things about it. I get noticed everywhere I go with my Dinair airbrushed face!”

Nicole Marie: “I’ve NEVER had make-up that FLAWLESSLY covers, evens, and enhances the skin on my face. Not only that, Dinair foundation lasts ALL DAY LONG! Amazingly, it only takes 10 minutes to put on in the morning. I never re-apply make-up anymore.”

How has Dinair changed YOUR life? Share in a comment below!



Flashback to the Primetime Emmy Awards!

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Award season may be winding down but the glitz and glam will stay in our hearts all year long! Today, we want you to flashback with us to our time behind the scenes at the Primetime Emmy Awards Governor’s Ball!

Regency Beauty graduate, Lynette Rasco joined the Dinair team last year and after only 4 months of working with us, she traveled all around the country for shows, workshops, and even worked with us behind the scenes at the Primetime Emmy Awards Governor’s Ball! Lynette shows us that the possibilities are truly endless with airbrush makeup. She has since ventured off to start her own YouTube Channel and continues to inspire the world with her creativity and ambition! We are SO proud of you, Lynette!! Check out her story below!

Subscribe to her channel for fun nail tutorials and get a sneak peek into her life after Dinair!



Where has the beauty industry taken you?? Share your story with us below!

Interested in joining the Dinair Team or taking an airbrush workshop?

Give us a call at 800-785-4770 or Visit: http://www.airbrushmakeup.com/professional/ for details.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dinairairbrushmakeup
Twitter: http://twitter.com/dinair
Instagram: http://instagram.com/dinair1
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/dinair/


NEW Retro Summer Collection

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Go from fun to flirty all season long with our NEW Retro Summer Collection!

Create your this Retro look in under 10 minutes! Pick up your airbrush and follow the instructions below!

retroSummerlook NEW Retro Summer Collection

Step 1:  Add 2 drops of Lt. Coral to your airbrush cup. Lightly spray on the inner corner of the eye and along the brow bone.

Step 2: Add a drop of Dk. Peach Pink over the eye lid (not going above the crease).

Step 3: Using the shadow shield, lightly spray Gray Frost in a V shape on the outside corner along the lash line and into the crease.

Step 4: Lightly spray Lemon Cream on the inner corner of the eyes (both the top and bottom).

Step 5:  Lightly feather Lemon Cream on the top lid closer to the middle of the eye.

Step 5: Sprayed Kiwi on the outer 2/3rds of the lower lash line.

Finish the look with mascara and fun lashes!

RetroSummerCollection coverphoto 2 NEW Retro Summer Collection


Before and After Contest!

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Calling ALL Dinair Airbrush users! Are you amazed by the results that Dinair has given you? Have you covered your blemishes, acne scars, tattoos, hair, and maybe even sprayed your own tan with that one little brush??

Who knew one airbrush system could do SO much!

This month, we are are giving YOU the chance to win $150 Dinair dollars and have your picture & story featured on our website!

How to enter:

1. Share your “Before and After” airbrush makeup picture with us on our Facebook wall.

2. Leave a brief  description (200 words or less) on how Dinair has changed your life.


Winners will be announced  7/1/13

 Need some inspiration? Check out Destiny’s Melasma Story!

Destiney Moore Before After Before and After Contest!


**3 Winners will be chosen by the Dinair Airbrush Makeup team**

- Winners will receive $150 Dinair Dollars & will be featured on www.airbrushmakeup.com


*Limit 2 entries per person

* Must be 18 years or older (or have parental permission)

*Pictures containing inappropriate content will be disqualified

Open to both US and International customers

Good luck and Happy Airbrushing! xo

Airbrushed Eyeliner Made Easy

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Okay, we know airbrushing your eyeliner can be a little intimidating but imagine going out the door and NEVER having to worry about touching-up or checking the mirror for our most dreadful enemy… Raccoon Eyes! Dinair’s eyeliner lasts up to 12 hours without smudging or smearing! We’ve even made it incredibly easy to create the perfect liner in under a couple minutes with our new Cat-Eye Stencils. Pick up your stencil, add a couple drops of Jet Black in your airbrush, and follow along as Michele shows us a quick eyelining tutorial.

EYELINER STENCIL Airbrushed Eyeliner Made Easy

Acne Coverage YouTube Review

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We stumbled upon Nayeli’s YouTube channel a few weeks ago and she immediately touched our hearts as we watched how she candidly shared her acne journey with the world. Although her acne has improved, Nayelli still struggled with finding a product that would provide complete coverage for the scars left behind. We got in contact with her, sent her an airbrush kit for review, and within 24 hours of receiving the kit, she posted the before an after picture below! She was amazed by the light, even, coverage… “I cant even feel ANYTHING on my face right now!” Check out her full review in the video below!

“I absolutely, positively, ended up LOVING my new airbrush kit from Dinair ! It’s like nothing I’ve ever tried before ! I couldn’t believe how simple and easy it would be to apply my own airbrush makeup.”

 9cccb4d6b43b11e2b12422000a1f901a 7 Acne Coverage YouTube Review